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“At UPlus Education, We Believe That Learning Is More Than Just Pushing For Academic Success And Producing Straight A Students.

Instead, We Prioritise The Ability To ‘learn How To Learn’ And Work With Parents To Instill A Sense Of Patience, Perseverance And Confidence In Each And Every Child.”



Our students are tutored by the very best teachers, handpicked from a vast pool of qualified, registered and experienced teachers or tutors. All our teachers are specialists in your chosen subject to assist your child to attain the best possible results. We offer courses from Maths and English, to the Sciences and Humanity. Our courses have combined the best of our proven proprietary curriculum tailored to dovetail with Australian schools,  so your child can excel, and be ready for university here or abroad. Most importantly they will gain confidence, love for learning and succeed.

Our homework tutoring service is unique and world leading. Our straight “A” university undergraduates/graduates provide your child with help, motivation and focus while they study, so you do not need to spend time or be knowledgeable in your child’s schoolwork.

Exams around the corner? We can help! We can help you get ready in the shortest time possible.

We are passionate about helping children to succeed. Our award winning team have developed world leading systems to replicate and better the classroom experience at a rate that is affordable and sustainable.

Our online study program and tutoring programs are suitable for everyone regardless of current ability levels.  Chat to us to find out more today. We would like to invite you to join us in the better brighter way to learn.

Face-To-Face Sessions

One-on-one Sessions

The student be able to concentrate harder on the learning because there’ll be less distraction than if the child were at home.Tailored program (e.g. advanced learning content for fast learners or catching up lessons for students with difficulty in a particular area).

Small Group Sessions

Small Group Sessions: Instantaneous interactions and attention will allow students gain greater understanding and real-world examples from the teacher and other students. Students will have the opportunity to connect with, problem-solve, and network with other students. Students will join discussions and healthy competition among group activities.

Uplus offers small group sessions of different sizes:

  • Special-arranged small group (2-3 students / group)
  • Standard small group (4-8 students / group)
  • Other Special-arranged small groups (up to 12 students / group)

Online Sessions

No matter where you are across the world, A Team Tuition can help you reach your academic goals.

To access our one-hour online tutoring sessions, you simply need internet access, a free Zoom account and headphones.

We will set up the tutoring session and send you an online invitation.  Simply click and start learning with one of our tertiary-educated, extensively trained, carefully matched “Academic Personal Trainers”.