Society’s Motive

We, the members of the IAS Society, in pursuit of promoting artistic and creative excellence, establish this Constitution for the governance and operation of the GIFA College KKR Art & Craft Institute. Guided by a shared commitment to fostering artistic expression, skill development, and cultural enrichment, we hereby establish this Constitution to ensure the smooth and effective functioning of the Institute.

The name of the society shall be the "IAS Society," and the name of the institute established by the society shall be the "GIFA College KKR Art & Craft Institute" (hereinafter referred to as "the Institute").

The purpose of the Institute is to provide high-quality education, training, and resources in the fields of art and craft, fostering creativity, innovation, and skill development among students.

The Institute shall operate under the oversight of the IAS Society's Board of Directors, consisting of elected members and designated representatives.


The Board of Directors shall be responsible for strategic planning, policy formulation, and overall governance of the Institute.

Membership in the IAS Society shall be open to individuals who share an interest in promoting art and craft education.

Institute staff, students, and faculty shall automatically be considered members of the IAS Society during their affiliation with the Institute.

The Institute shall have a Principal appointed by the Board of Directors, responsible for the day-to-day operations, academic quality, and administration of the Institute.

The Principal shall lead a team of qualified faculty and staff members to ensure effective teaching, curriculum development, and student support.

The Institute shall offer a range of academic programs, workshops, and courses in various art and craft disciplines.

Academic programs shall adhere to high standards of quality, innovation, and relevance to contemporary artistic practices.

The Institute shall maintain suitable facilities, equipped studios, workshops, and resources necessary for effective teaching and learning.

Adequate resources, such as materials, tools, and technologies, shall be provided to facilitate artistic exploration and skill development.

The Institute shall organize exhibitions, events, and cultural activities to promote artistic expression and engage with the local community.

Outreach efforts shall be made to collaborate with other educational institutions, organizations, and artists to enhance cultural enrichment.

The Institute shall operate on a not-for-profit basis, with the aim of ensuring affordability and accessibility for all interested individuals.

Financial matters, including tuition fees, budget allocation, and fundraising initiatives, shall be managed transparently by the Board of Directors.

In the event of the dissolution of the IAS Society, any remaining assets of the Institute shall be distributed for educational, artistic, or charitable purposes as determined by the Board of Directors.

This Constitution of the IAS Society’s GIFA College KKR Art & Craft Institute is hereby established, adopted, and ratified on this [date]. It is designed to guide the principles, practices, and objectives of the Institute, ensuring the fulfillment of its mission to inspire creativity, nurture talent, and promote the advancement of art and craft education.