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The domain of art is ever fascinating. People come to this field with the aspiration of attaining money, fame and self-satisfaction. This can be made possible only through excellent knowledge of art. Because it is only through knowledge that the genius have been able to prove themselves. This especially applies to areas that are performance related, like music, dance sports or painting. Excellent performance in such fields is not dependent on degrees, but on right knowledge and right knowledge can come only through a good teacher or a guru. This has been the rule of the world since eternity.
Gagan Institute of Fine Arts was established by Mr. Gagan Singh in 2019. It aims at providing inspiring guidance, techniques and approaches in various mediums to amateur artists. It facilitates a platform for established as well as amateur artists, to mark their presence in the field of art.
Since its inception it has been opening new horizons in the field of art. It has been successfully conducting exhibitions, workshops, painting competitions and Participating in Gita Jayanti International Mahotsav ets to encourage and exhibit hidden and unexplored talent. Since its establishment,Gagan Institute of Fine Arts (GIFA) has groomed raw artistic skills into astral talent.
Our competent panel of teachers leave no stone unturned to help each student achieve his true potential. Professionalism is inculcated in students by our esteemed facility. We proudly present ourselves in INDIA offering 50 course art and craft techniques. We truly hope you achieve your artistic triumph and excellence.
Gagan Singh
Director’s Gagan Institute of Fine Arts

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Level 1

Still Life Painting Sketching Clay Modeling Craft Work


Art and Craft Diploma Course & Certification Course


BFA/Bachelor of Fine Arts from UGC Recognized Universities in GIFA's Guidance

Master Degree

MFA/ Masters in Fine Arts from UGC Recognized Universities in GIFA's Guidance.


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